Its been a while since my last post. I dont know whether I dont have time to write or nothing to share with. Probably Im just toooOOooooo lazy ^_^

There's a lot going on in my life. Guess i'll just jot down the summary *grin*


My brother's big day.
Kak nurul, welcome to our family!


Starting with a pingpong competition, organize by Kela
b Family Dancom (KFD). Took part for single, doubles and mix doubles. Btw, I've never played pingpong before. But since my salary is being deducted every month for KFD activities, I should participate. Its worth trying LOL. 3rd place for doubles, not bad huh *wink*

January 28, 2010. It was my birthday. The night before Kamal dear ask me for a dinner date for tomorrow. Location: rahsia. Oh dear, surprise surprise huh :p
Well, it was really a surprise. He pick me up from the office and drove all the way to KL. Destination: KL Tower. Oh my, i've alw
ays wanted to go there. A dinner date at Restoran berputar in KL Tower on my birthday. I cant wish for more. Thanks so much dear, for the bouquet of roses too *smile*

p/s: all the pics are with him

Dancom Family Get Together. A makan-makan time at the
office. Plus a karaoke session with Director Datuk Liu. Oh man i still cant believe we sing along on that so-called small stage. Had a great time with my 500D. Unofficially became the official photographer that night. Unfortunately my battery didn't last long (I forgot to charge, demmit), if not there will be a lot of photos of us karaoke-ing

Girls just wanna have fun

Hepi faces

Jeles! They won cash prizes :p

February is almost over. Later la update k :D


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