Saya harap..

5 April 2010. Lagi 40 hari je lagi...
40 hari dari hari ini saya akan menjadi isteri orang..insyaAllah

Saya harap dapat menjadi seorang isteri yang baik kepada awak.
Saya harap dapat menjadi menantu yang baik
kepada mak dan ayah awak.
Saya harap dapat menjadi ipar yang baik kepada adik-beradik awak.
Saya harap dapat menjaga awak dengan sempurna.
Saya harap dapat buat awak gembira sepanjang masa.

Saya harap awak dapat membimbing saya ke
arah apa yang saya harapkan.

Sebab saya sayangkan awak...

Keretaku dilanggar lagi :((

Untuk kesekian kalinya keretaku dilanggar lagi.

Tapi ni penunggang motor yang takde otak pulak mel
Takde otak sebab ni langgar lari.

I let the photos do all the talking.

Mangsa kejadian

Perlukan pembedahan plastik


mid 2008 - kereta dilanggar dr tepi oleh Pak Arab yg bawak kereta sesuka hati di dalam kawasan apartment. Pintu kemek, tukar sekeping yg baru

November 2008 - kereta dipecah tingkap, motif cubaan merompak, lokasi kawasan apartment

July 2009 - kereta dilanggar dr belakang oleh pemandu berpangkat kapten bersara). sila refer sini

March 2010 - insiden terbaru

Adakah ini petanda saya perlu beli kereta baru?

haih...mahalnye :(

I am craving for this........

But the retail price is RM600++ *sigh*


Its been a while since my last post. I dont know whether I dont have time to write or nothing to share with. Probably Im just toooOOooooo lazy ^_^

There's a lot going on in my life. Guess i'll just jot down the summary *grin*


My brother's big day.
Kak nurul, welcome to our family!


Starting with a pingpong competition, organize by Kela
b Family Dancom (KFD). Took part for single, doubles and mix doubles. Btw, I've never played pingpong before. But since my salary is being deducted every month for KFD activities, I should participate. Its worth trying LOL. 3rd place for doubles, not bad huh *wink*

January 28, 2010. It was my birthday. The night before Kamal dear ask me for a dinner date for tomorrow. Location: rahsia. Oh dear, surprise surprise huh :p
Well, it was really a surprise. He pick me up from the office and drove all the way to KL. Destination: KL Tower. Oh my, i've alw
ays wanted to go there. A dinner date at Restoran berputar in KL Tower on my birthday. I cant wish for more. Thanks so much dear, for the bouquet of roses too *smile*

p/s: all the pics are with him

Dancom Family Get Together. A makan-makan time at the
office. Plus a karaoke session with Director Datuk Liu. Oh man i still cant believe we sing along on that so-called small stage. Had a great time with my 500D. Unofficially became the official photographer that night. Unfortunately my battery didn't last long (I forgot to charge, demmit), if not there will be a lot of photos of us karaoke-ing

Girls just wanna have fun

Hepi faces

Jeles! They won cash prizes :p

February is almost over. Later la update k :D